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Name Description Website Account
ivy winforms applications published at amadeusweb
yieldmore-legacy Amadeus installation on Pre 2019 this was in wordpress and carries the wp-biblios plugin (2013) amadeusweb
amadeus2 The Open Source web builder running at amadeusweb
2020 Amadeus running at amadeusweb
vidzeal Amadeus running at amadeusweb Amadeus running at the new amadeusweb
samatabooks amadeusweb
gdmvindia Amadeus running at amadeusweb
sriaurobindodhama Amadeus running at amadeusweb
crisisforall Amadeus, running at amadeusweb
nuggets VS Code Plugin which is a mix of - Bookmark Manager - Mind Map Software - TODO List (Abstract Spoon Inspired) - Inbox / Calendar Multiple Data Source Workspaces amadeusweb The Amadeus install at begun in Sep 2021 and Archived in Jun 2022 amadeusweb
weave Amadeus at amadeusweb
amadeus Amadeus v3.5 running at amadeusweb
creditism-pocs Amadeus running at: poc = Proof Of Concept amadeusweb
loveforlife Amadeus running at amadeusweb
ganiandsons-2022 New begun Nov 2022 in AM3.5 amadeusweb Amadeus Powering the Collaboratively Written amadeusweb
adrsta Amadeus running at amadeusweb
creditism Amadeus running at amadeusweb
3d Amadeus running webxr ( at amadeusweb
magique Magique was architected in 2013 in Winforms as a orm/uimapper framework with super flexible database that had a customizable schema. This code is in svn but not spun up anywhere yet but should make its way to bitbucket soon. That was after I had spent 10 years in winforms, 3 of which was writing ui mappers, 5 orms, some wpf, a LOT of framework code apart from php - cake, croogo, yii Today the tech stack is with ESBuild (not Webpack or Vite) on top of a typescript flavour of amadeus with static html/md files and fragments, talking to an open source alternative to google cloud like amadeusweb
komal The first "group of sites" for built with reuse in mind amadeusweb
motes Movie Notes from imdb ianamazi
sixtyplus A website of information about retired people. ianamazi
study Class CMS for Schools, demo at ianamazi
media the lyrics player and library running at ianamazi
vb6 For VB6 applications developed by Imran between the years 2000 and 2006 ianamazi
iviewer2020 version of IViewer for windows and devices ianamazi
sytc a library for displaying activity in all centres of satyamyogatrust yieldmore
sites yieldmore
yieldmore-ivy yieldmore
wheel Wheel feature running at See home.php and data.tsv Learn how to use this at yieldmore
ideas New AMW3.5 site started in June 2022 and running at yieldmore
taran Learning Repo for Taran at to be delightedly learning stuff! yieldmore
joyversity For Yaseva's Joyversity => yieldmore
smartjoyventure Amadeus 3.5 for Yaseva's yieldmore
wisdom running at wisdom.fpc / wisdom.ym. CAGF is just its outlet yieldmore
tryagri Amadeus running at yieldmore
dharti yieldmore
ritu Amadeus site for Ritu at ym yieldmore
joyfulearth yieldmore
cselian imported from since 2008/09, writing goes to imran.ym yieldmore
naragiri webxr in amw at preview/ng yieldmore
ideasforchange yieldmore
yieldmore New begun in June 2023 with world / interactions yieldmore
chalz Amadeus 4 subsite of YieldMore repo running at yieldmore
peace Amadeus 4.0 running at as a subsite of yieldmore
health Amadeus 4.0 running at as a subsite of yieldmore
healers Amadeus 4 subsite of ym code base for yieldmore